Crop Protection Manager at AgroStar
Pune, IN / Maharashtra, IN
Manager- Crop Protection

This position will independently manage the entire crop protection and crop nutrition business (CP/CN) vertical for AgroStar. CP/CN is a key category in the AgroStar portfolio and also a key input for farmers. The position is responsible to build and manage the entire product portfolio for this category. This is a strategically important position and will require the individual to work with top national and multi national companies on an ongoing basis. will develop and manage new vendors, Companies in Crop protection filed, Support team who are responsible to build on ground strength of company’s direct to farmer m-commerce business. Will be responsible for complete vendor management, pricing of product, Operation activities, supporting customers and activities to build business.

Job role and responsibility:

This individual will be responsible to develop the long term strategy for AgroStar’s CP/ CN business
CP/CN is a key input requirement for farmers and the growth and business of this catagery is crucial for AgroStar. This individual will develop a holistic crop/season specific strategy in terms of AgroStar’s product offerings in this space
The individual will liaison with top companies in this space like Bayer, DuPont, Syngenta, Monsanto, Excel, Tata Chemicals etc. to bring them on board as channel partners and develop AgroStar as an alternate retail platform for farmers.
This individual will work on demand planning, budgeting, forecasting and inventory management for the entire CP/CN portfolio.
This individual will work on ensuring JIT inventory management.
This individual will work closely with management to develop a pricing strategy by product/brnad/ season. This individual will be in close tough with ground reality and will ensure the adherence to AgroStar’s prcing strategy
This individual will need to be a team player and will have to work cross functionally with the finace, marketing and product management team to ensure smooth and successful execution of category specific plans to achieve sales growth and profitability
Manage the product portfolio and catalogue on company’s various tech sytems like CRM and Android app.