Features Writer at Little Black Book
Bangalore, IN
Write awesome content & share what you find awesome in Bangalore. Build out category expertise for LBB.

Work with influencers and users to build out the community of recommenders on LBB. Manage social media, keep an eye out on Twitter, IG and FB to stay in touch with and engage with our users. Work on multi-media recommendations from video to GIFs, photo and gallery based reccommendations. The role will need you to be excited by dabbling in all mediums.

What You Will Need to do:

Create engaging content centered around trending topics and across categories. Partner with relevant content creators and build out community of recommenders on LBB Explore your city!
Be data driven

What LBB expects from you:

Ability to deliver work on time. Strong grammar. Be willing to travel to various parts of Bangalore. Social media know-how. A network in Bangalore's food, drinks and lifestyle community is a HUGE plus.