City Lead/Editor at Little Black Book
Pune, IN
Time: Full-time, six-day a week, nine hours a day

Work ex: 3-6 years, preferably from a public relations, advertising or journalism background.

Job description: To engage with the city and its audience and make sure that LBB Pune is offering the readers something brand new, unique, and essential.

To lead a team of content creators and photographers for the same. To ensure that the platform has a daily number of recommendations across categories, all of which are at a high level of quality.To understand Google Analytics, track the platform's growth in their city, and meet their daily, weekly and monthly targets for the same.

To create and engage with a vast network of Pune residents + brands with unique voices, experiences, expertise and more to write for and partner with LBB Pune.To proactively engage with the brand's growth, whether it be through social media, multimedia, tracking online trends, or other.