Fitness Expert at HealthifyMe
Bangalore, IN
Fitness expert is Expected to have high level of fitness knowledge, training and motivational skills. Knowledge to design a workout chart for the clients online, monitor it and ensure that members get adequate online support and motivation to execute their exercise program to get results. Able to work in a highly professional and performance oriented environment.

Key Responsibilities:

• Instructing, individual program development, and personal training services online with fitness to clients

• Conducting proper evaluation, protocol implementation and training services online

• Evaluating strengths and weaknesses of clients, considering their medical conditions, recording the progression through program stages, and recommending/implementing protocol or program changes as required

• Managing/Moderating group coaching on chat groups by motivating clients towards fitness

• Converting free trial clients to premium clients

Key Skills:

The candidate must have Personal training/Physiotherapist and selling skills. Other requirements include:

• High school diploma or equivalent required; college degree in exercise science, exercise physiology, or related field preferred

• CPR certification

• ACE, Personal Trainer, ACSM, GGU or comparable certification preferred

• Experience working with people with complex medical conditions, disabilities and special needs preferred

• Demonstrated work experience in a fitness and/or athletic environment including demonstrated experience in the assessment of clients and development and monitoring of individual exercise programs

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

• Ability to understand and react effectively to the unique needs of customers of varying age groups

• Basic computer skills (i.e., Excel; Word; Outlook)